Give Your Home a Makeover with New Lighting Fixtures

Posted by tudi on 12/27/14 6:44 AM

give-your-home-a-makeoverAs a homeowner, you may be searching for home-improvement projects that will make your home more comfortable, more beautiful, and even more secure. One way to achieve your home improvement goals that are sometimes overlooked is to add new lighting to both your interior and exterior. Below are just a few ways in which you can beautify your home, and make your home and yard more functional with new lighting.

Highlight Focal Points

There are likely to be areas of your home that you consider to be distinct focal points. This includes a feature wall, handpicked artwork or a piece of antique furniture. To further highlight your focal point, or to create a focal point out of custom lighting—such as adding a lighted wall to a room without windows, reach out to an electrician in Pittsburgh, Pa to discuss how they can enhance or create a focal point.

Create a Distinct Ambience

While bright lighting is essential in your home office and kitchen, you may want to create a more soothing ambience in other areas of your home—such as your bedroom or dining room. A Pittsburgh electrical contractor can discuss the best options for creating the ambience you desire. For example, you could have a dimmer switch added to your dining room so that you and your loved one can enjoy romantic dinners from time to time.

Make Your Interior More Functional

One of the many reasons homeowners forget to inquire about residential electrical services is that homes already come with lighting. To enhance the light fixtures in your home, you are likely to add lamps to your office, end tables, and to areas of the rooms in your home with minimal natural lighting. While you may currently have found a way to “make do” with your current lighting, a consultation with a Pittsburgh electrical contractor can help you to increase functionality throughout your home.

Make Your Exterior More Functional

When speaking of residential electrical services, don’t forget your home’s exterior. Some common areas of opportunity are:

  • Improving the lighting on your walkways
  • Adding motion lights to your exterior—both to discourage burglars, and to increase safety while outdoors in low lighting
  • Adding lighting to your patio, porch, or deck—allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces year round

If you are making over your home, and are not sure how lighting can help—reach out to an electrician in Pittsburgh, PA for a few ideas you may not have yet considered. For exceptional service, knowledge and courtesy with your home lighting project, contact the team of Pittsburgh electrical contractors at Tudi. Our team of professional electricians has experience working with all kinds of fixtures and can help you achieve your desired effect for any room in the home. Give your home’s lighting some extra spark. Call Tudi today for a free home electrical estimate!

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