4 Signs Your Home Electrical System May Be Outdated

Posted by tudi on 10/14/14 7:37 AM

electricalIf you live in a house that was built 40 or more years ago, it's wise to have the electrical system updated, advises House Logic. While old wiring isn't always dangerous in itself, you don't know if the entire system is up to code and materials like wire insulation have been known to break down over time. Here are four signs that your electrical system is outdated along with the dangers they present. It's important to hire an experienced home electrician to help keep your electrical system performing at the highest level.

  1. Ungrounded outlets.

Those outlets that only take two prongs are ungrounded and therefore dangerous. Have these two-hole outlets replaced with three-hole outlets for safety. Also, if your switch plates always feel hot to the touch, this could be a sign of impending danger so get that checked out. Look for discoloration on those plates as well.

  1. Shocks.

If you get a mild shock or tingling feeling when you touch receptacles, wall switches or appliances, it's time for an update. Older homes were built with an electrical system that was designed to address the power needs of the day. Now, they have a harder time keeping up with the increased electrical needs of a homeowner. It's no surprise, then, that electrical fires are more common in homes older than 40 years old compared with those that are between 11 and 20 years old, says Everyday Health.

  1. No GFCI outlets.

Take a walk around your house and make sure you have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets present in any area of the home that has access to water and moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. This device essentially cuts off electrical circuits when current that is taking an unintended path is detected.

  1. You blow fuses frequently or easily.

When breakers trip your fuses on a regular basis, this is a sign of an outdated electrical system. This is evidence that the wiring is starting to go.

Never perform any of these fixes yourself due to the risk of electrocution. The only person who should be touching your electrical system is a qualified electrician. He or she can provide a full inspection of your wiring system and let you know if it indeed needs updating. He or she can then perform the necessary jobs to get your electrical system up to code, so you get peace of mind. Your safety and that of your family depends on it!

With over 50 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing all sorts of electrical problems, you can count on the expert electricians at Tudi to help you upgrade your home’s electrical system. Our electricians will help to bring your home’s electrical system into the modern age, updating the inner workings of your system as well as replacing outdated fixtures to increase efficiency and safety. Call Tudi today and schedule your free electrical estimate from some of the best in the business!

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