Giving Your Home an Energy Audit

Posted by tudi on 6/16/15 11:16 AM

giving-your-home-an-energyEven the greenest homes can benefit from a home energy audit. By giving your home an energy audit, you can discover where your money is going, and hopefully it isn't out the window. While some homeowners choose to do the audit themselves, professional services from Pittsburgh HVAC providers and electrical contractors are available to ensure that your energy audit is thorough and complete.

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Cleaning your Air Conditioner for Spring – Infographic

Posted by tudi on 5/18/15 6:57 AM

A little bit of spring cleaning goes a long way, especially with your home’s mechanical systems. All throughout the home, there are simple chores that you can complete that will help keep cash in your pocket as your prepare for the upcoming Spring and Summer months.

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7 Simple Steps to Keeping Your Home Cool & Comfortable This Summer

Posted by tudi on 4/16/15 8:59 AM

7-simple-steps-to-keepingSummer is almost here, which means everyone will soon be looking for ways to keep their homes cool. Obviously, the best way to cool off a warm home is to turn up the home air conditioning system, but that isn't a good idea if you don't want to pay high energy bills or shorten your AC's lifespan.

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How Your Home's Air Quality Affects Your Family's Health

Posted by tudi on 1/26/15 8:30 AM

how-you-homes-air-qualityWhen you look outside and see poor air quality, it can get you wondering how clean the air is inside the home. Air quality impacts your health and the health of your loved ones. Dust on furniture is not a sign of poor air quality, just a sign you need to clean! Poor air quality is not easy to notice, in fact, you normally will not be able to see the quality of your air.

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Managing Dry Air Throughout the Home

Posted by tudi on 11/21/14 11:50 AM

managing-dry-air-throughMost people know that the air gets drier during the winter, but they aren't always sure how to manage it in their homes. Some people just accept that the winter will come with itchy dry skin, nosebleeds and other issues associated with extremely dry air, but there are ways of mitigating some of these issues or increasing the humidity in your home. Here are just a few things you can do to manage dry air in your home this winter.

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Slide Show: DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Posted by tudi on 10/21/14 10:20 AM

slide-show-diy-maintenance-tipsJust because the cooler weather is upon us doesn’t mean you should neglect your air conditioner. Like any mechanical system in the home, giving your AC a little TLC throughout the year can help keep it running and performing at its highest level.

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