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Understanding the Effects of Hard Water Damage – Video

Posted by tudi on 7/27/15 12:09 PM

understanding-the-effectsNo matter how hard you fight it, most homeowners have at least a small amount of hard water in their home’s water supply. This high mineral content water not only will leave its mark on your dishes and glassware, but can also have devastating effects on your home’s pipes and plumbing system.

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Cutting Costs By Going Green

Posted by tudi on 6/29/15 11:53 AM

cutting-costs-by-going-greenWhile there is always an upfront investment required when updating your home’s mechanical systems, doing so will not only help to green your home—but will save you money in the long run. While you may not be able to upgrade all of your mechanical systems at once, below are just a few ways going green can reduce your energy bill, without sacrificing quality or convenience.

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4 Simple Steps to Put a Stop to Household Plumbing Leaks

Posted by tudi on 6/25/15 11:51 AM

4-simple-steps-to-putAs a homeowner, it is vital that you stay on top of your household repairs and maintenance issues, especially when it involves your home’s pipes and plumbing fixtures. To most of use, plumbing is an afterthought until something goes severely wrong, leaving us face-to-face with costly repairs and sometimes without running water in our homes.

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Sizing Up Your Home's Cooling Needs

Posted by tudi on 6/22/15 11:18 AM

sizing-up-your-homesAnother summer is nearly upon us and the dreaded heat will soon be making us pant. If you find yourself constantly checking the temperature on your home's thermostat while holding a cold cloth to the back of your neck, it may be time to consider repairing or replacing your HVAC. Home air conditioning units come in different sizes, models and makes so choosing the right system for your home may be better accomplished by consulting Pittsburgh HVAC professionals.

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7 Tips to Improving Energy Efficiency Around the Home

Posted by tudi on 6/19/15 11:17 AM

7-tips-for-improvingAre you struggling with high costs of energy? Chances are you home is not energy-efficient. That leads us to one thing. You seriously need to rethink how you use energy and find areas for improvement. That’s the only way you can enhance the efficiency of your home and slash the costs of electricity. If energy-efficiency is a gray area, here are useful tips that can give you a great head start.

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Keeping Cool on a Budget – Slideshow

Posted by tudi on 6/16/15 11:49 AM

keeping-cool-on-a-budgetWith summer in full swing, many of us are looking for some quick cooling relief. While turning on the A/C is always a surefire way to cool down, it doesn’t come without its fair share of costs.

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Giving Your Home an Energy Audit

Posted by tudi on 6/16/15 11:16 AM

giving-your-home-an-energyEven the greenest homes can benefit from a home energy audit. By giving your home an energy audit, you can discover where your money is going, and hopefully it isn't out the window. While some homeowners choose to do the audit themselves, professional services from Pittsburgh HVAC providers and electrical contractors are available to ensure that your energy audit is thorough and complete.

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Cleaning your Air Conditioner for Spring – Infographic

Posted by tudi on 5/18/15 6:57 AM

A little bit of spring cleaning goes a long way, especially with your home’s mechanical systems. All throughout the home, there are simple chores that you can complete that will help keep cash in your pocket as your prepare for the upcoming Spring and Summer months.

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8 Essential Plumbing Tools to Have Around the Home

Posted by tudi on 5/12/15 7:04 AM

8-essential-plumbing-toolsAs a homeowner, you may not want to have to call in a professional each and every time you have a minor repair or maintenance concern. While you likely have a hammer and a drill or screwdriver set at home, there are a few more investments you can make in order to make completing quick fixes faster and easier. Consider investing in the eight tools below, so that you can accomplish the quick fixes you require without delay.

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3 Common Mistakes of DIY Electrical Repair

Posted by tudi on 5/8/15 7:03 AM

3-common-mistakes-of-diyOften, local homeowners will attempt to make repairs on their own, and occasionally this can lead to disastrous results. Instead of making use of reputable residential electrical services in Pittsburgh, some will make the assumption that a quick fix and a YouTube video should be enough to make both simple and complex repairs, leading to mistakes that can even be dangerous. Below are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make with DIY (do-it-yourself) electrical repair. If you don't feel comfortable doing electrical work, don't: call an electrician in Pittsburgh, Pa. who can make those repairs for you.

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