Understanding the Effects of Hard Water Damage – Video

Posted by tudi on 7/27/15 12:09 PM

understanding-the-effectsNo matter how hard you fight it, most homeowners have at least a small amount of hard water in their home’s water supply. This high mineral content water not only will leave its mark on your dishes and glassware, but can also have devastating effects on your home’s pipes and plumbing system.

Over time, the calcium and magnesium that make their way into the water supply bind themselves together, combining to form mineral deposits or scale that can provide a world of headache for homeowners. However, by paying close attention to your home’s water supply, you may be able to prevent costly damage and repairs.

How Hard Water Damages Your Fixtures

According to the Water Quality Association, hard water can be found in roughly 85% of residential plumbing systems across America. As the water evaporates leaving the minerals behind, deposits and scale can build up and clog pipes, faucets, showerheads and other appliances leading to efficiency issues. This can quickly run up water costs for homeowners and even shorten the lifespan of their plumbing fixtures.

Even if the water damage is repaired, the rotted pipes and fixtures left behind may lead to repeated problems with hard water and bouts all throughout the home, providing devastating damage and never ending headaches for homeowners.

Simple Steps to Hard Water Repairs

So how can you help keep your home free from the effects of hard water damage? Following these simple steps is a good start to keeping your pipes and fixtures clear of mineral deposits and scale to run smoothly all year round.

  1. Lather & Froth Test: One of the first things to do to determine the mineral content in your home’s water supply is the lather and froth test. When hard water is used, frothing and lathering of hand and dish soap are harder than normal and usually leaves behind a white film on dishes, glassware, pots and pans.
  1. Use a Water Softening System: Water softeners can be used to reduce the concentration of hard minerals in your home’s water supply through ion exchange. These systems can provide immediate savings for the homeowner, decreasing the amount of water they need to use as well as the amount of soap, toothpaste and laundry detergent needed for a good lather.
  1. Get in Touch with a Pittsburgh Plumber: Pittsburgh plumbers can help you determine if your water may be damaging your home’s fixtures, and offer various treatment options to help you avoid costly repairs in the long-term.

Keep your home’s pipes free of clogging mineral deposits and build up by getting in touch with the Pittsburgh plumbers at Tudi Mechanical Systems. With their reputation for quality service and a commitment to excellence, the master plumbers from Tudi will help keep your home’s pipes and plumbing fixtures running smoother than ever before. Call Tudi today for your free estimate and let us keep your home in working order.

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