Light Safety this Holiday Season

Posted by tudi on 11/30/16 10:14 AM

Christmas decorations are a sight to see. With colorful lights and decorations adorn to many homes, it is important to follow these safe procedures while decorating. Homes have a higher risk of fire damage during the holiday season. Structure fires have been known to start from poorly hung Christmas lights and trees that were too dry.

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Protecting Your Home From Electrical Surges

Posted by tudi on 11/16/16 11:14 AM


Did you know you could protect your home from electrical surges? By replacing old outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). For 46 years, GFCI has been saving lives from accidental electrical shock. GFCI outlets can detect ground faults and leakage of current. If this happens while using an outlet you run the risk of shock or even electrocution.

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Cutting Costs By Going Green

Posted by tudi on 6/29/15 11:53 AM

cutting-costs-by-going-greenWhile there is always an upfront investment required when updating your home’s mechanical systems, doing so will not only help to green your home—but will save you money in the long run. While you may not be able to upgrade all of your mechanical systems at once, below are just a few ways going green can reduce your energy bill, without sacrificing quality or convenience.

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7 Tips to Improving Energy Efficiency Around the Home

Posted by tudi on 6/19/15 11:17 AM

7-tips-for-improvingAre you struggling with high costs of energy? Chances are you home is not energy-efficient. That leads us to one thing. You seriously need to rethink how you use energy and find areas for improvement. That’s the only way you can enhance the efficiency of your home and slash the costs of electricity. If energy-efficiency is a gray area, here are useful tips that can give you a great head start.

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Giving Your Home an Energy Audit

Posted by tudi on 6/16/15 11:16 AM

giving-your-home-an-energyEven the greenest homes can benefit from a home energy audit. By giving your home an energy audit, you can discover where your money is going, and hopefully it isn't out the window. While some homeowners choose to do the audit themselves, professional services from Pittsburgh HVAC providers and electrical contractors are available to ensure that your energy audit is thorough and complete.

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3 Common Mistakes of DIY Electrical Repair

Posted by tudi on 5/8/15 7:03 AM

3-common-mistakes-of-diyOften, local homeowners will attempt to make repairs on their own, and occasionally this can lead to disastrous results. Instead of making use of reputable residential electrical services in Pittsburgh, some will make the assumption that a quick fix and a YouTube video should be enough to make both simple and complex repairs, leading to mistakes that can even be dangerous. Below are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make with DIY (do-it-yourself) electrical repair. If you don't feel comfortable doing electrical work, don't: call an electrician in Pittsburgh, Pa. who can make those repairs for you.

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Scaling Back Your Utility Costs this Spring

Posted by tudi on 5/4/15 7:01 AM

scaling-back-your-utilitySpring is here, making now an excellent time to identify ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Below are a few tips you can turn to in order to cut back on your utility costs this spring and summer—and free up a bit more money in your budget.

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Springtime Maintenance Checklist for Your Home’s Mechanical Systems – White Paper

Posted by tudi on 4/6/15 7:49 AM

springtime-maintenance-checklistNow that spring is in full bloom, it’s time to dust off the frost on your household mechanical systems and get your home ready to perform in the months ahead. Making sure everything is in perfect working order will help your home keep up with the growing demands of warmer weather.

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5 Handy Tools to Keep Around the Home

Posted by tudi on 3/5/15 9:38 AM

5-handy-tools-to-keepYour home may be a dream, but it's only enjoyable when everything's working. A broken thermostat and a toilet that won't flush can make even the nicest mansion feel like an uncomfortable shack. Thankfully, with a little routine maintenance, your home can stay running beautifully 365 days a year. Keeping your home in the best shape possible isn't even a very hard task; experienced and talented professionals can quickly fix any larger issues that occur, while just a few household tools can help you keep the smaller tasks under control. As such, it's important to stock up on a few pertinent household tools. Buy these handy tools, and you'll be able to keep your home's mechanics running, and thus keep your home in tip-top shape.

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How Your Home's Air Quality Affects Your Family's Health

Posted by tudi on 1/26/15 8:30 AM

how-you-homes-air-qualityWhen you look outside and see poor air quality, it can get you wondering how clean the air is inside the home. Air quality impacts your health and the health of your loved ones. Dust on furniture is not a sign of poor air quality, just a sign you need to clean! Poor air quality is not easy to notice, in fact, you normally will not be able to see the quality of your air.

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