The "Root" of Common Sewage Problems

Posted by tudi on 9/27/16 1:44 PM

When your sewer lines become clogged frequently, it’s time to call a professional plumber. One of the biggest reasons our drains don’t seem to drain properly is due to what’s in our yard, rather than what’s inside the house.

Roots from trees and plants are a major hazard to our plumbing. As plants grow the roots will spread to find the best water source nearby, and sometimes that’s our sewer lines. If a sewer line is breached, the roots can grow into the pipes and cause backup to your water drainage.

So how can you be safe from this happening? Know where your sewer lines are and be aware of plants that may cause damage to them. You can find where your sewage line runs by calling your local public works department. They can inform you of the location of the pipes and help you with where you can dig.

If you already have trees or plants near your line and would like to protect the lines, you can create a barrier to keep your pipes and trees safe. One method is to build a metal or wood barrier around your lines to keep the roots away. This method works and will help prevent root growth in your plumbing.

Curb appeal is important to some, so if you want to plant anything near your lines you can. There are some plants that are “sewer-safe”. When you are looking for plants, look for slow growing trees and shrubs with a small root area. Even if the plant is “sewer-safe”, you can’t rely on them completely. They can still grow and damage a pipe, so remember to plant accordingly.

If you are experiencing a gurgling noise coming from your drain or toilet, the sink doesn’t drain normally or clogs frequently, call a professional plumber. Our professional plumbers at TUDI Home Services can determine exactly what the problem is and assess it accordingly. Depending on the damage to the pipes, they may need to be replaced. You can avoid all of this by having a regular inspection done to your pipes by a professional.

 Don’t allow roots to ruin your plumbing. Give TUDI Home Services a call and schedule an inspection today. Our professional plumbers can help you keep your home running efficiently.


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