Quick Fixes to the Most Common Household Plumbing Problems

Posted by tudi on 10/22/14 5:54 AM

quick-fixes-to-the-most-commonPlumbing issues don't wait for 9 to 5 hours. Sometimes you may detect a leak at 2 in the morning while other times you may face a faucet installation that you're sure you can tackle on your own. If you're DIY savvy, you may be able to handle many quick fixes when it comes to common plumbing issues. The key is realizing when it's time to call in professional plumbing services Pittsburgh, PA. Here are three common plumbing fixes and what you can do about them.


Clogs are a normal part of homeownership. Showers and sinks get clogged over time with hair and soap scum, so it's necessary to troubleshoot the source of the clog when you notice a slow drain. Remove the traps and grab any debris to get the water flowing again. If it's the toilet that's clogged, you're probably well versed in using your plunger. However, this may work for small clogs, but when a foreign object has been sent down the toilet, and no amount of plunging is helping, it's time to call professional plumbing services. Why? A professional can use the proper tools -- snakes and augers -- to get at the cause while preventing more problems. Many plumbers now use video camera inspection lines to determine where the obstruction is in the pipes.


On your own, you can probably find the source of leaks no matter where they're occurring in your home: the bathroom, kitchen or basement. It's not always so easy, though, and may require some troubleshooting on your part. This may include listening for hissing in the toilet, monitoring your water system usage to detect waste due to leaks, and checking all shower heads. One tip from Yankee Magazine says to place a thin film of dishwashing liquid over the suspected leak area of your bathroom or kitchen pipes. Turn on the water. If you see bubbles forming at that spot, you've got your culprit. If you can't find the source of the leak on your own, call a plumber who can look further into the pipe system of your home.


If it's time to remove an old fixture, such as in your bathroom, you may be able to install a new one fairly easily, although you may need a buddy to help you. Follow all instructions or you risk leaks later. Installation of larger units such as water heaters, tubs and toilets require the assistance of a professional. If you have cracked or corroded pipes, this is also a time to call in a plumber. The last thing you want is a burst pipe spewing water all over the room at midnight!

While some of your home’s plumbing problems may be easily remedied with your own repairs, it is important to know when to call the professionals. If you come across any difficulties with your home’s plumbing system, call the residential plumbing experts at Tudi. From leaky faucets, clogged drains and more, the Tudi team features some of the best plumbers in Pittsburgh, tackling any problem while working efficiently to save you money. To get your home’s plumbing running at maximum efficiency, call the master plumbers at Tudi today!

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