Potential Causes of a High Water Bill

Posted by tudi on 10/6/14 7:34 AM

waterWe require water for our cooking and hygiene needs, but as a homeowner you may be searching for ways to reduce your monthly water usage—or you may be trying to determine the cause of its recent spike. Below are a list of common reasons why your water bill is high, all of which can be solved by utilizing Pittsburgh plumbing services.

Dripping Faucets

As minimal as it may sound, one dripping faucet can lead to a significant increase in your monthly water bill. If you have one faucet that drips just one time per minute—that leads to 34 gallons of waste water per year. However, the average leaky faucet drips 3 or more times per minute, meaning that if you have more than one dripping faucet—you are wasting water, and paying more than you should on your monthly water bill.

Hidden Leak

While dripping kitchen or bathroom faucets are easy to identify, hidden leaks are not. You could have a slow leak—or even a not so slow leak, in an area that is out of sight—or requires a plumber to identify. This could include your toilet, pipes under the house, pipes in the wall, or in areas you don’t pay much attention to such as a basement or attic.

Increased Usage

As simple as this may sound, you may not think much about your increased water usage—until your bill arrives in the mail. This could be anything from watering your yard and garden in the spring and summer, having a house guest, or kids playing outside in the sprinkler during the warm summer months. While you may not be able to do much about changing your increased water needs, a plumber may be able to advise you to water saving tools, appliances, and fixtures.

Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure has recently declined, it is likely a sign that something else is of concern with your plumbing. This could be a leak elsewhere in the line, or a problem with the water pressure valve. When your water pressure is low, you may also find that you require more water to clean and bath—because the water is not working as effectively to remove unwanted dirt and debris.

If your water bill has recently spiked without cause, the potentially leaking water is not only increasing your monthly water bill—but could be causing costly damage. This is why Pittsburgh plumbing services are essential. If your home is plagued with plumbing problems, call the experts at Tudi. Our team of master plumbers work to detect the problem and provide a solution quickly, helping to minimize your costs along the way. For professional plumbers you can trust, contact Tudi today!

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