Light Safety this Holiday Season

Posted by tudi on 11/30/16 10:14 AM

Christmas decorations are a sight to see. With colorful lights and decorations adorn to many homes, it is important to follow these safe procedures while decorating. Homes have a higher risk of fire damage during the holiday season. Structure fires have been known to start from poorly hung Christmas lights and trees that were too dry.

Types of Lights

Before hanging lights to decorate, make sure you are using the correct lights. There are two different types of lights: indoor and outdoor. Outdoor lights are made to withstand harsh weather while indoor lights can cause a fire if they are exposed to water. Always be sure to use the appropriate lights in your decorating.

Inspect Lights

Inspect lights before using them. Make sure they have not been exposed to water or have been chewed on by household pests. While inspecting them, you will be able to see what bulbs need changed as well. Prevent damage to lights by storing them at the end of the season in a dry area. We recommend a closet in the home, rather than a basement or attic.

Placement of Lights

Where you string lights is very important. Make sure not to place lights in an area that people walk as this can cause a tripping hazard. Be sure that outlets are not being overloaded with cords. Stay away from mixing and matching different types of bulbs. Right now the two popular types of bulbs are LED and incandescent. These two types of lights should never be plugged into each other. It is best to pick which type you like and stick with that throughout decorating. It is recommended that you do not string more than 3 strands together because this could cause damage to your outlets and lights.

While decorating outside, make sure to use rubber staples and hooks. Do not use metal to hang lights because this could cause an electric shock or start a fire.

Christmas is a wonderful time. If you follow these guidelines, you can protect your home and loved ones from possible tragedy. Keep your Christmas merry and bright.

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