How Your Home's Air Quality Affects Your Family's Health

Posted by tudi on 1/26/15 8:30 AM

how-you-homes-air-qualityWhen you look outside and see poor air quality, it can get you wondering how clean the air is inside the home. Air quality impacts your health and the health of your loved ones. Dust on furniture is not a sign of poor air quality, just a sign you need to clean! Poor air quality is not easy to notice, in fact, you normally will not be able to see the quality of your air.

Bad Air Quality and Your Health

What will bad air quality to do your health and the health of your family? Poor air quality will lead to respiratory issues. If you already have allergies or asthma, you will see an increase in these issues if the air quality is poor. The poor air can cause additional sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, and other common symptoms related to allergies. Your overall health can end up having concerns with breathing and other upper-respiratory conditions. Headaches, fatigue, and nausea are common problems associated with air quality.

Air Quality and Energy

When dealing with air quality concerns, you will find your home’s energy bill increases as the HVAC system needs to work harder. The air filter is designed to keep the home’s air clean, and it helps the air to circulate properly through the home. If an air filter is not changed often, it can cause particles to circulate in the home, which increase the risk of inhalation of these particles. If you are finding issues with the air quality in your home, you can sign up for residential air quality testing. This will show you which particles are in the air, and which ones are dangerous to your health.

How to Remove Bad Air

What can you do about the poor air quality in your home? The first thing you can do is focus on the simple changes, which is to change the air filter each month. Check to see how much debris is on the filter as it can show you how dirty the air is inside your home. Clean around the HVAC system to keep the air that gets into the HVAC system from being poor quality. Proper ventilation is the other thing that is important to keep the air clean in the home. Use the exhaust fans in the bathrooms to help remove excess humidity from the home. A home air quality professional can assist with air circulation to keep the air clean. Experts dealing with air quality problems will examine the ductwork to see if there is a buildup of dust and other concerns. UV light technology can help to detect mold and will prevent mold from becoming an issue that leads to air quality issues.

Don’t leave the air quality in your home up to chance and contact the expert technicians at Tudi today. Our technicians will conduct a free indoor air quality test designed to determine how clean the air inside your home really is. When the test is completed, our team takes you through our findings step-by-step, helping you better manage the air and your home and keep your family healthy. For cleaner, healthier air throughout your home, make sure to call the air quality experts at Tudi today!

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