Energy Efficiency Strategies to Keep in Mind this Summer Season

Posted by tudi on 8/28/15 3:31 PM

Many people find that their energy bill tends to spike when the weather heats up during the summer season. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. If you want to keep your home and family comfortable and also use less energy, follow the simple strategies below. Most of the suggestions are inexpensive or even free, making it easier than ever to cut down on your home’s energy this summer!

Make Your Windows Work for You

Turn the air conditioner off and open windows at night so that naturally cool air can circulate throughout your home. In the morning, right before the day warms up, close the windows and window coverings to keep the cool night air inside the house. Windows and window coverings will go a long way in trapping cold air in the home and keeping it comfortable all day long.

Turn Up the Thermostat

Keep your air conditioner thermostat set at a comfortably high setting. Many individuals report 78°F is a comfortable temperature, but you may find if you dress appropriately for the season, you can set it even higher.  If you need to wear long sleeves or a sweater, the setting is probably too low, which means you're wasting energy. In addition, if you're at work or away from your home for an extended period of time, allow your home to get warmer than when you are at home, since there is no point in cooling an empty house. Keep in mind that your energy bill will be less if there isn't a big difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. 

Use Fans Efficiently

If you use a ceiling fan while using an air conditioner, you can raise the thermostat setting about 4°F and still expect the same level of comfort, since the fan will force cool air from the ceiling back down into your living space. What’s more, in bathrooms and laundry rooms, fans can be used to remove heat and humidity, but need to be vented to the outside, rather than to the attic or crawl space. Also, since fans used by themselves don’t actually lower a room’s temperature, do remember to turn them off when you’re not in the room.

Tune Up Your Home Cooling Systems

Air conditioners, evaporative coolers and other types of cooling systems should be regularly maintained. Make sure to change filters and make necessary repairs from time to time to help keep your home’s cooling costs down. Don’t place lamps, televisions, computers or stereo equipment near your cooling system’s thermostat, since the heat they generate might throw off the heat sensor and keep your A/C running more than it’s needed.

Rethink the Way You Use Appliances

Ovens, incandescent lights, televisions and other appliances typically emit heat while they are being used, leaving your air conditioner working extra hard on hot days to keep your home cool. So, try to reduce your appliance use. Start by scheduling any activity requires heat-generating appliances for the coolest part of the day. Consider trading in an oven roasted dish for a family barbecue, or trade in your outdated light bulbs for cooler, energy efficient bulbs all through the home.

Sealing Up the Cracks

Inspect your home for any cracks or openings that might allow hot air into the home, paying particularly close attention to doors and windows. If you do find any openings, head to your local hardware store for some caulk or weather stripping to seal off your home and trap the cool air inside.

Keeping cool and comfortable all summer long shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune. Make sure your home cooling system is running at its peak performance all season long by scheduling a routine maintenance check with Tudi Mechanical Systems. With a focus on the most energy-efficient technologies and practices out there, Tudi is able to help transform your home’s existing cooling system to help you stay cool without the hefty costs. Contact the team at Tudi for your free home cooling estimate, and discover how we can help make a big difference in your home’s utility costs.

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