7 Tips to Improving Energy Efficiency Around the Home

Posted by tudi on 6/19/15 11:17 AM

7-tips-for-improvingAre you struggling with high costs of energy? Chances are you home is not energy-efficient. That leads us to one thing. You seriously need to rethink how you use energy and find areas for improvement. That’s the only way you can enhance the efficiency of your home and slash the costs of electricity. If energy-efficiency is a gray area, here are useful tips that can give you a great head start.

Buy Energy STAR Qualified Appliances

When shopping for home appliances, you should opt for energy-efficient models instead of conventional models. Energy Star approved TVs, refrigerators, computers, and kitchen appliances allow you to maximize energy savings. In the long-run, you can save a great deal of cash and slash your energy bills considerably.

Replace Candescent Bulbs with LEDs

While lighting is a key function in any home, it has the potential to spike the costs of electricity. Consider replacing incandescent light bulbs with the more energy-efficient and durable compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Energy Star approved CFLs are 75% cheaper to operate and last ten times longer than ordinary bulbs.

Use Fans Regularly

Most people use HVAC needlessly when a fan can suffice. The truth is fans, just like HVAC units, have the capacity to regulate internal temperature, humidity, and air flow effectively. Fans allow you to maintain a cool comfortable environment, reduce dependence on HVAC, and save energy all year round. Ceiling fans are more efficient as it allows you to save 3% more on cooling and enjoy greater ROI in the long run.

Maintain Your HVAC

Make sure that your HVAC system is operating optimally and efficiently. Inspect and clean air filters regularly, repair leaks on pipes and steam traps, and clean the evaporator and condenser. If possible, reduce the operational hours of your HVAC so that it runs only when necessary. To get the most out of your HVAC, engage a professional Pittsburgh HVAC technician to inspect your unit periodically. A technician will help you determine the efficiency level and fine tune your HVAC to perform optimally.

Install Programmable Thermostats

Sometimes people tend to use more energy to heat water than is necessary. Such wasteful habits increase consumption and spike the costs of energy. To encourage responsible heating, you should consider installing thermostats to regulate all heating functions in your home. Thermostats will improve efficiency and at the same time slash heating costs considerably.

Make Efficiency Upgrades

If you’re using more energy on lighting or heating, you need to think about making efficiency upgrades. Simple upgrades can reduce wastage and transform your home into an energy efficient haven. Start by retrofitting your home with energy-efficient lighting fixtures and replacing panels with thermal efficient panels. To maximize savings, perform a comprehensive energy audit and talk to a Pittsburgh electrical repair technician to help you undertake efficiency upgrades.

Plug Leaks

Like it or not, leaks of any kind in a home almost always have a direct impact on your utility. Leaks on walls make it difficult to regulate internal conditions. You may find yourself using more heat to warm your rooms than usual. If you suspect the presence of leaking pipes, call a professional plumbing service in your area to inspect the walls and help you uncover the source of leaks.

Taking a little time to give your home’s mechanical systems some TLC can lead to large savings on your energy bills. Make sure all the systems in your home are performing at their peak with help from the expert technicians of Tudi Mechanical Systems. With Tudi’s Home Comfort Plan, keeping your home running smoothly is easier than ever, with regular maintenance checks and repairs ensuring that your home is in perfect working order. Contact the technicians at Tudi today to get your free estimate and discover how we can help work to make a better home.

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