3 Advantages of "Going Green" With Your Home Mechanical Systems

Posted by tudi on 12/17/14 6:41 AM

3-advantages-of-going-greenWhen it comes to your home mechanical systems, just about every system has multiple energy efficient alternatives—or green upgrades you can turn to. Below are just a few advantages of going green when it comes to your home electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems.

Environmental Responsibility

While every home requires electricity, water, and internal temperature control—there are not unlimited resources when it comes to the sources that produce water and energy. Even if you live in an area that does not typically experience energy or water shortages, conservation and green upgrades play a vital role in keeping things that way for as long as possible. Think of your green changes and energy efficient upgrades as doing your part for your children, grandchildren, and many future generations to come.

Cost Saving Benefits

Aside from the environmental responsibility of greening your home mechanical systems, the green changes you make come with substantial cost savings benefits. While your green changes will require an upfront investment, your technician can let you know the cost-saving benefits you will achieve in the long run. When speaking of energy efficient products, such as a dishwasher or washing machine—the manufacturer will clearly communicate the average annual cost savings. Below are just a few ways you can save when you green your home:

  • Low-flow toilets, water faucets, and plumbing will help to conserve water—and reduce your monthly water bill.
  • Energy efficient HVAC systems are designed to utilize less energy—reducing your monthly electric bill.
  • Insulating your hot water heater and hot water pipes will require your hot water heater to utilize less energy—which reduces your monthly energy bill.
  • Upgrading to solar panels, solar powered electronic chargers, or solar powered outdoor lights allows you to conserve energy—and save more money.
  • Energy efficient appliances, or any energy efficient product that plugs into your home—will ensure you draw less energy, and save more money.


Another aspect of going green is turning to energy efficient alternatives that are designed with longevity in mind. This means that many of your green upgrades are designed to last significantly longer than their predecessors. It also means that many are made from recycled materials, or designed to be easily recycled once they are no longer fully functional.

If you are unsure of the mechanical systems in your home that have areas of opportunity when it comes to going green—reach out to the expert technicians at Tudi and schedule an inspection. At Tudi, our expert team of home maintenance and repair techs can help you find creative solutions to improve the efficiency of your home. Plus, with the Tudi Home Comfort Plan, you can rest assured knowing that your system will be in perfect working order all year round. For friendly, informative information on ways to improve the efficiency of your home’s mechanical systems, contact Tudi today!

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