10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Posted by tudi on 9/14/15 3:53 PM

toolsMany small repairs around the home can be safely completed as long as you know what to look for. What it takes is a mix of confidence, the ability to read instructions and the right tools. With these in hand, you can save time and money around the house.Here is a look at ten tools every homeowner should own, essential to have handy when it’s time to make minor fixes.

For Plumbing Repairs

You can avoid calling in Pittsburgh plumbing services for minor clogs and leaks or handle the problem until they arrive if you have these three household tools.

  1. Plunger

A clogged sink in the kitchen can bring meal preparation to a standstill. A clogged toilet can make everyone late on a busy morning. A traditional cup plunger works well for sinks and tubs, but for toilets you need a flange plunger to get the proper suction.

  1. Flashlight

When you’re trying to figure out your pipe system under a dark sink or in the basement, you need a bright, compact flashlight. This lets you visually inspect the condition of pipes and look for signs of leaks.

  1. Duct tape

For temporary repairs, nothing beats a roll of duct tape. It is water-resistant, strong, sticky and easy to apply.

For Electrical Repairs

In Pittsburgh, electrical repair for minor issues around the house can safely be done by a do-it-yourselfer. Here are four tools that will help you keep the power on.

  1. Philips screwdriver

Every household should have a Philips or any X-shaped screwdriver handy. The best type is made to take interchangeable tips so you can handle a wide array of screw sizes and types.

  1. Pliers

These are necessary for working with wires. Their serrated jaws hold items securely and are helpful for bending, pulling and pinching metal.

  1. Wire stripper

This handy gadget is made with a blade that cuts wire to the right length. It has notches that score insulation around wires, making it easy to pull it off. This is important because the wire needs to be exposed, without its plastic coating, in order to make electrical connections.

  1. Power drill

When you need to drill a lot of holes, nothing beats a power drill. They are adaptable for a wide range of bits.

For Heating and Cooling Repairs

To stay comfortable all year round, you need to be able to tackle HVAC Pittsburgh projects. Here are three tools that will help you keep your furnace and air conditioner running reliably.

  1. Ladder and step stool

You need a sturdy method of reaching the right part of the appliance you are fixing or tuning up. Avoid accidents by investing in ladders and step stools that are made of strong materials and have secure footing.

  1. Adjustable crescent wrench

This device has an adjustable opening that can fit onto most hexagonal nuts. Using a plier can strip the edges. With a crescent wrench, you can easily get a good grip and loosen the nut.

  1. Wet/dry vac

These devices can pick up all sorts of debris and remove dirt from appliances. Getting rid of dust and other types of debris is essential to keep your heating and cooling equipment running well.

When It Gets Too Complicated

Never hesitate to call a professional if the job gets too If the project gets too confusing and complex. Don’t think of it as quitting. Instead, you are choosing the sensible approach.

Here is a look at the cost and time advantages of calling in an expert:

  • Reduce the chance of costly mistakes. It’s easy to accidentally cause unintended damage when trying to fix a pipe, add an outlet or change a furnace filter. You’ll end up scheduling a repair call anyway, first to fix the problem you inadvertently caused and second to fix the original problem. Save money and time by calling a training technician at the first signs of trouble.
  • Time-effective. Experts have the training to fix the problem quickly and completely. They can often complete a job in a matter of hours, one that would take an untrained homeowner days to finish.
  • The right tools. Professionals have the right tools for specific jobs. If the homeowner were to go out and buy them, it could cost more than the service call.
  • Reduce anxiety. When the job is complex and risky, the do-it-yourselfer always has the worry that he might have missed something. By calling in a professional, you have the peace of mind that the job will be done properly and covered by his guarantee. 

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